Magnablend Update

In two recent stories — — KRLD reported that chemical trucks involved in several accidents in Ellis County were operated by Magnablend. While the trucks were transporting material to or from the […]


Two seized ferrets (Mustela putorius fur

Ellis County Chemical Spill Caused By Alcohol, Ferrets

A DPS report says two ferrets and alcohol contributed to a wreck that spilled toxic chemicals on a county road in Ellis county last month.


Massive Chemical Fire Rages Near Dallas

North Texas Chemical Company Having Safety Issues

Three times in the last two months, chemical trucks operated by Waxahachie-based Magnablend have been involved in hazardous material spills that have required state intervention.


View from Chopper 11 - Ames Meyer, CBS 11 News

TCEQ Concludes Massive Chemical Fire In Waxahachie Could Have Been Avoided

A report just released by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality concludes that last October’s massive fire at the Magnablend chemical plant in Waxahachie could have been avoided.


(credit: KTVT/KTXA)

Magnablend Chemical Co. Cited By OSHA Over Explosion, Fire

OSHA cited the Magnablend Chemical company for seven serious violations and and levied a $45,000 fine for last year’s explosion and fire at the company’s Waxahachie factory.


(credit: KTVT/KTXA)

Burned Chemical Plant Moving To Former Collider Site

A North Texas site once meant to host the superconducting super collider will be the new home for a chemical plant that burned last fall.



Residents Continue Chemical Plant Relocation Protests

A proposal to relocate a Magnablend Chemical Plant has some Ellis County residents saying, “not in my backyard.” Monday dozens of affected residents are expected to gather at the Ellis County Commissioner’s meeting to voice their concerns.


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Fire Chief Recalls Dangers At Waxahachie Chemical Plant

Since a chemical plant burned in Waxahachie, fire chief David Hudgins has suffered sleepless nights — because of what almost happened.


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New Questions Arise About Chemicals In Waxahachie Plant Fire

Newly released records show last year, Magnablend stored 22 chemicals at its central plant that burned to the ground Monday.


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Waxahachie Chemical Fire Still Under Investigation

The cause of a major chemical fire in Waxahachie is still under investigation Tuesday and smoke can still be seen rising from the burned-out buildings.