Elf's Elite 8 In College Football - Week 3Elf weights in with his week 3 Elite 8. Where are the Crimson Tide and Aggies heading into their big matchup?
What's In A Name?Five minutes into the Cowboys Sunday night season opener against their hated rival NY Giants, someone...somewhere will utter those words Jerry Jones doesn’t want to hear. Do you know? Do you know what words I’m talking about? I’ll share briefly.
Elf Recalls His Parent's First MeetingIn July of 1957, Elf's dad Marty met his mother Judy for the first time in Brooklyn at Brighton Beach. He asked for her number that day. While visiting his parents thus weekend, Elf's father still has her number laminated to this day!
Elf Loses Rangers Bet, Wears A Dress105.3 The Fan host Mark Elfenbein wasn't sure the Texas Rangers would fare well heading into St. Louis over the weekend. So, he made a friendly bet with co-host Jane Slater.
Evander Holyfield Joins Elf & SlaterFormer heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield joined Elf and Slater live from Radio Row at the Final Four.
Jerry Says Plaxico Is "Not In Our Picture"The Cowboys owner/general manager not only gave an update on the how things are looking at camp, now in it's second week - he also continued the 'love-fest' with co-host Jane Slater.
Whew... It’s Finally Over, But Well Worth It!After a long search for a new partner to join Elf weekdays on 105.3 The Fan, everyone can finally breathe easy. Jane Slater joins the show starting June 4. It will be delicious!
Elf 'Unleashed' At The Byron NelsonYou never know who he's going to talk to or what he's going to talk about when Elf get's 'unleashed'.
Objects In Red Are Closer Than You Think Jerry Jones might want to peak at his rear view mirror these days. There are objects dressed in “Red” that are larger and are much closer than Jerry thinks. Much closer!
Elf Unleashed At Texas Motor SpeedwayWith plenty of room to move at Texas Motor Speedway Elf goes on the hunt to see what is lurking around the speedway.
Warren Moon: Manning To Broncos Makes SenseMoon, who is one of only two people to be enshrined in both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, checked in with Elf & Friends on 105.3 The Fan
Elf Prepares For His ColonoscopyIt's obvious! Elf is a sports guy. He works for 105.3 The Fan, a sports/talk radio station. He knows nothing about medicine and neither does anybody else here