McKinney Police


McKinney Police Seek 34 Persons Of Interest In Credit Card Abuse Cases

Detectives are also seeking seven vehicles related to the credit/debit card abuse investigation.


McKinney stabbing scene Tuesday.
Courtesy: First Response Photography

Two People Stabbed in McKinney

A heavy police presence responded to the scene where two people were stabbed Tuesday afternoon on North Morris Street.


Leonard Bass - Prosper bank robbery suspect
Source:  Prosper Police Dept.

Prosper Bank Robbery Suspect Caught In McKinney

Police say quick detective work and help by an observant public helped lead to the capture of the suspect in Thursday’s robbery of the Independent Bank branch in Prosper.


Dajerria Becton held by former McKinney officer Eric Casebolt.
Source:  Brandon Brooks - YouTube

Lawyers For Both Sides React To McKinney Pool Party Incident

What happened to McKinney police Corporal Eric Casebolt before that now infamous run-in at Craig Ranch is coming to light.


Dajerria Becton held by former McKinney officer Eric Casebolt.
Source:  Brandon Brooks - YouTube

Lawyer For Teen In Bathing Suit Thrown To Ground Wants City To Do More

Attorney Hannah Stroud said the resignation of McKinney Police Corporal Casebolt should not mean the end the investigation into his actions.


Officer Casebolt is a ten year veteran with the McKinney Police Dept. (credit: CBS 11 News)

McKinney Police Officer At Center Of Pool Party Controversy Resigns

The McKinney police officer at the center of an investigation involving his behavior at a community pool party has resigned.


Patrol Supervisor Cpl. Eric Casebolt, (Courtesy YouTube, LinkedIn)

A Look At The McKinney ‘Pool Party Cop’

More is being uncovered about “pool party” cop, Patrol Supervisor Cpl. Eric Casebolt. He was placed on administrative leave and is currently under investigation by the McKinney Police Department amid the release of a video sent to CBS 11 by a viewer.



McKinney Parents Disturbed By Police Behavior At Pool Party

Graduation party gone wrong: Many McKinney residents voiced their outrage after the McKinney PD press conference responding to the controversial “pool party” footage. Many said it appeared the officer was only targeting African-American teenagers.


(Credit YouTube)

Cop Under Investigation After Allegedly Manhandling Teen

The McKinney Police Department held a formal press conference in response to a video submitted by CBS 11. In footage of the response to a disturbance call that some McKinney parents are calling “racially motivated,” an officer drew his weapon on a teenager during a pool party. Yelling and manhandling ensued.


(credit: McKinney Police Dept.)

McKinney Police Need Help Identifying Daytime Armed Robbers

Police in McKinney are hoping the public can help them identify a couple of armed robbers bold enough to rob a store in broad daylight. The robbery happened around 5 p.m. on July 14 at an AT&T Store on Central Expressway.



Man Critically Wounded After Shooting In McKinney

A man was critically wounded after a shooting early Monday in McKinney, police said.



Former Officer Claims Radar Guns Giving Unreliable Speeds

It’s the one argument you never win with a police officer. If the radar gun says you were speeding, well it’s pretty hard to dispute. A former McKinney officer claims some drivers got speeding tickets they didn’t deserve.