Michael Vick

Former Michael Vick Dog in Studio

Local radio host Richard Hunter pops in during RaGe with his dog which is one of the dogs seized from Michael Vick after his arrest for animal cruelty. Brad Sham jumps in with His thoughts […]


One of Michael Vick's Dogs Finds a Safe, Loving Home. In Dallas.

Richard Hunter has a new member of his household. That’s him, quivering in the corner. Shaking uncontrollably. Convulsing. The 4-year-old is still scared. “He lives in fear,” Hunter says of his new best friend, Mel. […]


2010 NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 2

Like the BCS, style points count. So do geeky, black-and-white stats┬ásuch as touchdowns and quarterback ratings. Wins and losses?┬áDefinitely. Leadership? Uh-huh. When it comes to my weekly NFL Quarterback Rankings – if I had one […]