Opinion: Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood Concerns In Obama Administration Shouldn't Be SilencedDon’t drop last week’s controversial headlines regarding U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and four other GOP House members who said that President Barack Obama’s administration has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood so fast.
Opinion: Republicans Advances War On WomenRepublican politicians continue to work against HPV vaccination despite its ability to prevent thousands of cases of cervical cancer and resulting deaths.
Bachmann Quits GOP Race; Romney On To NHMichele Bachmann announced Wednesday that she has "decided to stand aside" and is ending her bid for Republican presidential nomination after her last-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.
Gov. Perry Braces For 5th Place Finish In Iowa Caucus, Paul 3rdGov. Rick Perry was heading toward a distant fifth place finish in the crucial Iowa caucuses Tuesday night, according to TV projections.
Perry Pushes His Status As A Conservative OutsiderRepublican presidential candidate Rick Perry, campaigning in Iowa's heavily conservative northwest corner the day before Tuesday's caucuses, urged conservatives to support one of their own who hasn't been part of the Washington and Wall Street establishments.
Perry Seeks Campaign Turnaround In IowaRick Perry wasn't supposed to be the underdog. When he announced his presidential campaign back in August, the governor looked like the strongest challenger to Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. Then came the debates.
Ron Paul Gets Front-Runner's Welcome In IowaRon Paul received a welcome befitting a man with a serious chance to win next week's Iowa Republican presidential caucuses as he arrived in the state.
Bachmann Does Texas Two-Swipe At Paul & PerryRepublican Michele Bachmann did the Texas two-swipe Wednesday in her push to gain ground before next week's presidential caucuses in Iowa.
Gingrich, Romney Hammered At GOP DebateRepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney noted his privileged background during Saturday's debate in Iowa, but said he grew up appreciating hard work because of his parents' influence.
GOP Hopefuls Would Limit Federal Role In EducationWhen it comes to education, the Republican field of presidential candidates has a unified stance: Get the federal government out of schools.
Bachmann Criticizes Perry & Promises Border FenceMinnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on Saturday signed a pledge to push for construction of a fence along the entire length of the border with Mexico, raising the issue of illegal immigration in an Iowa town where about one third of the residents are Hispanic.
Political Analyst Reflects On Perry's Debate PerformanceTuesday night's New Hampshire debate centered on the economy. Once again, Governor Rick Perry referenced his forthcoming plan to put people back to work.