Mixed Drinks

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Ask A DFW Bartender: Best Tequila Cocktail

Kyle Hilla of Bolsa in Dallas was thrilled to share his best tequila cocktail. Hilla has worked as a bartender at Bolsa for more than four years. Take a sip of his expert tips.



Honesty Bars: The Bars Where You Pay Whatever You Want

If you’ve ever stayed at a boutique hotel abroad, odds are you’ve come across a “Seriously, where on earth did the bartender go — oh wait, there is no bartender?” honesty bar.


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Mixed Drinks Could Get Pricier As Sales Tax Shifts

A change in Texas sales taxes could cost people buying mixed drinks at bars. Purchasers of mixed drinks will pay a new sales tax of 8.25 percent _ the same tax on beer and wine.


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Ultimate Plan For A Guys Night Out In Dallas

There comes a time when the boys have to hit the town for a quality guys night out. We’ve got the ultimate plan for you.