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College Football: Richie‚Äôs Realignment

Since the Southwest Conference disbanded in 1996, our college football map has looked like my eyes after a long night of drinking. Bloodshot. Strained. Confused. Glazed.


Conference USA

Conference USA Adding 6 Schools

Conference USA, which has four schools departing to the Big East next season, is reloading by adding six schools in 2013.


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Profs Consider Backing NCAA Antitrust Exemption

A group of professors seeking reform in college sports wants to explore the possibility of an antitrust exemption, which could allow the NCAA to better regulate spending on coaches’ salaries and other costs.


US Capitol Building

Congressman Urges Hearings On College Sports

Rep. John Conyers (MI) tells the committee chairman, Republican Lamar Smith (TX), that recent developments in college sports have reached a “tipping point” that justifies congressional review.