Fresh Faces Of DFW: Innovative Chef, Matt McCallisterMatt McCallister had worked around the country as a chef before heading to Dallas to open his restaurant FT33. Since that time, he has garnered numerous awards, gained national recognition, and is preparing to open a second restaurant called The Filament.
Fresh Faces OF DFW: Marcie Friedman, Inspirational Music TherapistMarcie Friedman is the founder of Southwestern Music Therapy, where she has been practicing music therapy for more than 15 years within a variety of settings and special needs populations.
Fresh Faces Of DFW: Discovering New Bands, The VandoliersThe Vandoliers are a hot new country band in the DFW area, their members are veterans from country bands and rock bands and even a punk act. Former punk rocker Joshua Fleming talks about his new band, their influences and what fans can expect from them in the DFW music scene.
Fresh Faces Of DFW: Outstanding Local Caterer Company, Two Sisters CateringTwo Sisters Catering stands out as a unique and elite catering company for events of all sizes. Executive Chef Jonathan Stirnweis explains what makes the company so special for DFW parties.
Fresh Faces Of DFW: Flourishing Local Restaurant Owner Chad HouserChad Houser is the Executive Chef and Executive Director of Café Momentum in the heart of Downtown Dallas.
Fresh Faces Of DFW: Nick Chamberlain Is A Top Fitness Instructor Changing LivesDr. Nick Chamberlain is a chiropractor, fitness instructor, tenth degree black belt in Kenpo karate, a certified karate instructor, professor of marital arts who certifies other instructors and the owner of Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense in Dallas. He employs 20 instructors that teach throughout the Metroplex.
Fresh Faces Of DFW: Kyla Porter's Pink Toes Nail Bar And Spa Pampers AllKyla Porter's nail spa, Pink Toes Nail Bar and Spa, has breathed new life into the Dallas Central Business District.
Fresh Faces Of DFW: Community Arts Center Director Todd Eric Hawkins Doing His PartTodd Eric Hawkins is an Oklahoma native who cut his teeth in community work in New York City before heading back south to take the job as the executive director of the Irving Arts Center. He talks about taking the new job and what he hopes to bring to The Metroplex area.