North Korea

Korean War POW

Korean War POW To Be Buried After 62 Years

Helen White quietly sits on the couch thumbing through all the paper work she’s received about her cousin, Army Private First Class Weldon Alonzo Davis.


North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un (Photo by Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)

Lost In Translation: Kim Jong Un “Sexiest Man Alive?”

Perhaps sarcasm is not so easy to detect on the other side of the globe. Trending online this week, satirical news site The Onion has claimed another international victim.


A Korean-language flyer announces the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.  (Photo credit Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News)

Korean-Americans In DFW Wonder About N. Korea’s Future

It’s hard for most people to imagine just how close the danger is to South Korea, and yet how distant and mysterious the isolated North Korean nation is to its southern neighbor.


(credit: Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)

Korean War Veteran’s Remains Return To Texas

A Korean War veteran will finally be laid to rest in his Texas hometown more than 60 years after he was declared missing in action.


Korean peninsula topographic map centered on North Korea and South Korea, partial graphic (AP Photo)

Koreans Across North Texas Watching Events Back Home

Despite being thousands of miles away, Korean natives living in North Texas are concerned about events unfolding in their home country.