OJ Simpson

HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 7: Actors Carl Weathers (L) and Sly Stallone (R) pose at singer Frank Stallone's (center) CD Listening and Release party at Capital Records on August 7, 2003 in Hollywood, California.

Top 5 Movie Roles Played By Athletes

Want to be an actor? Just get really good at sports. It worked for these guys. Check out the top 5 movie characters played by athletes.


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North Texas P.I. Makes Case For OJ Simpson’s Innocence

The OJ Simpson murder trial divided the country, but a private eye from North Texas has just written a book which points the finger at another possible suspect.


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“The Jock Itch” with Jasmine Sadry: OJ Beaten In Prison?

Conflicting reports say that OJ Simpson may have been brutally beaten by a young skinhead in a prison attack

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