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Whole Foods

Austin-Based Whole Foods To Launch “Cheap” New Chain

Are you spending your whole paycheck at Whole Foods? You will soon have an inexpensive option. The company is introducing a whole new chain, set to open in 2016.


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DFW Doctor Talks Strokes & Organic Food

Dr. Crystal Foster discusses some of the latest medical headlines including news about a decrease in the number of strokes and the potential benefits of organic food.


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Target Rolling Out Organic, Natural Grocery Brand

Target Corp. is planning a new organic and natural store brand as it works to rev up its grocery business.


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Home Foods: The Truth About Organic & Other Trends

On average, organically grown produce costs up to 100 percent more. But is it actually healthier?


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Pediatricians Offer First Report On Organic Foods

Parents who want to reduce their kids’ exposure to pesticides may seek out organic fruits and vegetables, but they aren’t necessarily safer or more nutritious than conventional foods.


Natural foods are different from organic foods. Only products inspected and certified by the USDA can have a label that says 'organic.' Natural foods can't contain any additives, such as preservatives or artificial coloring.

Study Says Organic Food Not Healthier

New research by Stanford University reports that organic foods may not be any healthier for you than a non-organic option.


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Organic Farmers Cover Up For Aerial Spraying

Organic farmer Marie Tedei spent Wednesday evening covering nearly two acres of her crops. This marks the third time this week she’s gone through the drill.


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Flower Mound Residents Clucking For Chickens In Their Yards

After nearly a year of pecking away at city rules regarding chickens, Flower Mound residents say they’re finally making some progress.


Students purchase healthy snack foods from a Fresh Healthy Vending machine. (credit: Fresh Healthy Vending)

Company Offers Healthy Vending Machine Food

A vending machine company is trying to bring organic and healthy alternatives to the community, and they are starting with area schools.


Whole Foods

Detroit Sees Whole Foods As Proof Of Progress

A city infamous for its unemployment, decay and crime would seem an odd place for an upscale natural and organic grocery chain to plant roots.


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7 Kid-Friendly Environmental Activities For Earth Day And Every Day

Earth Day comes each spring. These fun activities will help kids understand the importance of preserving the environment.


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Donations Come At Crucial Time For Local Food Banks

This past holiday season the North Texas Food Bank met their goals, but they’re now headed into the slowest season for donations. But the food bank received good news just as they prepared for leaner times.