Oval Office

(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Santa Visits Bush Presidential Center In Dallas

Officials with the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas say Santa Claus will be on hand through Thursday for photos and to greet visitors.


Rick Perry Visits Iowa State Fair

BRADDOCK: Dear Pundits, Gov. Rick Perry’s Not Dumb

Major site Politico.com posed the question “Is Rick Perry dumb”? The constant criticism may actually be helping him, a GOP strategist says.


Obama: War in Iraq, Over

President Barack Obama says after nearly a decade of war, “the American combat mission in Iraq has ended.” In an Oval Office speech, he declared that the Iraqi people “now have lead responsibility for the […]


Obama Treads Water and Oil in the Oval Office

President Obama sought to assure Americans Tuesday night that he and the federal government are doing everything they can to confront the still unfolding environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico