ObamaCare 101: Separating Fact From FictionWhat does ObamaCare mean for you? The more you understand, the better you'll fare.
North Texas Residents, Business Owners Split On Health Care ReformFrom Wall Street to Main Street, the health care reform attached to the Affordable Care Act will impact every American regardless of age. North Texans, unsurprisingly, are split. Here's what residents and business owners have to say.
North Texas Politicians, Advocacy Groups Respond To Health Care RulingThe Supreme Court's decision on Thursday to uphold the entire Affordable Care Act is sending tidal waves through Texas — particularly the state's GOP leadership, which has overwhelmingly opposed "Obamacare." Here's a look at what Texas politicos and pundits are saying on both sides of the aisle.
Supreme Court To Take On Constitutionality Of Health Care Reform LawMinutes after President Barack Obama signed his sweeping and hard-fought healthcare reform into law in 2010, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and AGs from 12 other states filed a complaint in federal court challenging the constitutionality of a key fixture: The individual mandate.
Rallies By Religious Groups Protest Health MandateThe rhetoric over health care reform will likely hit a new high in the coming days: the Supreme Court is set to weigh in next week. But in Dallas, Fort Worth, and in cities around the nation Friday, religious conservatives gathered by the hundreds for noon time rallies to make their voices heard.