Some Processors To Label 'Pink Slime' ProductsSome processors plan on labeling beef containing the meat product known as "pink slime" in hopes that this will restore consumer confidence.
'Pink Slime' Maker Gave $800,000 To CandidatesThe main producer of the lean beef trimmings that critics call "pink slime" donated more than $800,000 to political candidates over the past decade.
Community Rally Held For 'Pink Slime' ProducerThe main producer of the lean beef trimmings that critics call "pink slime" continues to have the support of the community where the company is based.
Gov. Perry Tours Beef Plant To See 'Pink Slime'The politicans who toured the plant all agree with the industry view that pink slime has been unfairly maligned and mislabeled and issued a joint statement earlier saying the product is safe.
Governors Tour "Pink Slime" Facility As Plant Closures ContinueWith a growing media storm surrounding “pink slime,” the closing of three production plants, including one in Texas, has been changed from “temporary” to “indefinite.” To show their support for the product Governor Perry has joined leaders from other states to tour a Beef Products plant in Nebraska.
Governors Urge Consumers To Rethink 'Pink Slime'The main producer of 'pink slime' and the politicians defending the company will have a hard time persuading consumers to accept the product.
'Pink Slime' Maker Suspends Texas Plant OperationsThe company that makes "pink slime" suspended operations Monday at three of four plants where the beef ingredient is made, saying officials would work to address recent public concern about the product.
No More Pink Slime For Kroger CustomersKroger is dropping "pink slime" from its stores. The big grocery store company said today that it will stop buying ground beef containing "lean finely textured beef," also known as "pink slime."