Federal Judge Orders Plano Explosion Suspect Held Without BailA federal judge on Friday ordered the suspect accused of setting off an explosion while tampering with a Plano gas main should be held without bail.
Bond Hearing For Plano Bomb Suspect PostponedA federal judge in Sherman Thursday postponed a bond hearing for the Plano man accused of setting off a bomb while tampering with a gas line until an interpreter could be found to help his parents testify.
Plano Bomb Suspect's Homemade Videos, Past Charges EmergeAnti-government videos have surfaced from a Plano man suspected of detonating a homemade bomb near natural gas equipment in his neighborhood.
FBI Identifies Plano Explosion SuspectIn a criminal complaint unsealed in federal court Wednesday, the FBI identified Anson Chi as the suspect accused of setting off a bomb while tampering with a gas main earlier this week.
Plano Mom, Son, Teen Indicted For Attempted MurderA grand jury passed down attempted murder indictments Wednesday to a Plano mother, her son and his friend for conspiring to kill her ex-boyfriend in November 2011.
Plano Woman Disfigured By Propeller Takes 'First Adventure' Since AccidentSince Lauren Scruggs, 23, was disfigured in a horrific airplane propeller accident, her mother has stayed positive in the public eye. On Wednesday, she announced she and her daughter "made our first adventure," to Whole Foods, yet another sign of progress in her rehabilitation.
Plano Businesses Helping Fashion Writer Injured By PropellerA Plano woman who was injured one week ago by an airplane’s propeller is receiving help from area businesses.
Plano Police Issue Better Description Of Sorority RapistNorth Texas authorities are releasing more info about a possible suspect in 4 sexual assaults targeting a specific sorority in North Texas.