High voltage transmission lines.
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Battle Lines Drawn Over Power Lines In Frisco

Some Frisco homeowners are concerned about proposed high voltage transmission lines coming into their neighborhood.


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Dallas Fights To Avoid Water Rate Hike

The future of water rates in Dallas is up for debate on Tuesday in Austin. That debate is centered around a dispute between the City of Dallas and the Sabine River Authority.


Dark clouds provide a backdrop for power lines. (credit: David McNew/Newsmakers)

State Senators Question Electricity Pricing

The Texas Senate’s Natural Resources Committee has called the Public Utility Commission to talk about the pricing of electricity.


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Oncor Customers Should Expect Higher Electric Bills

You’ll probably notice an increase on your next electric bill. According to Oncor Electric, the charge is to recover the money the company spends on transmission lines and other equipment.


Steel towers carry power transmission lines. (credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Texas PUC May Double Electric Prices Cap

The Texas Public Utility Commission will consider doubling the cap on wholesale electricity prices in hopes of convincing generators to build more power plants.


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Official: Texas Electric Supply Will Be Tight

The Texas power grid barely has enough electricity to meet demand this summer, and an unexpected drop in generation or spike in demand could lead to rolling blackouts, the president of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas testified Tuesday.


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Power Company Sued After Massive Texas Wildfire

A utility company knew about wildfire dangers amid severe Texas drought, but failed to remove dead trees and branches near their power lines.


Steel towers carry power transmission lines. (credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

No Market Manipulation During February Outages

Energy markets were not manipulated during rolling electrical outages and the failure of dozens of power plants in early February.


High-voltage power lines carry electricity. (credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)

Energy Conservation Urged To Prevent Rolling Outages

Tens of thousands of people across North Texas lost electricity on Wednesday, according to local energy provider Oncor.


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Denton Community Upset By Power Line Proposal

Officials are reviewing a project that could send a power line across a populated part of Denton.


PUC Urges Conservation

The Public Utility Commission puts the state on yellow alert for power usage, urging conservation during the peak usage hours,


Dallas Utility Rates Highest (Survey shows)

Whitefence.com surveyed 21 cities for utility rates and found that Dallas and Houston consumers pay the most for their utility bundles, which includes home phone, TV, Internet, electricity and natural gas.