Purse Snatching

Credit: Plano PD

Plano Purse Snatching Suspects Caught On Video

Plano Police are searching for two suspects who allegedly snatched a woman’s purse in the parking lot of a shopping center last week.


walmart purse snatching

80-Year-Old Woman Robbed In Wal-Mart Parking Lot

A brazen robber is caught on surveillance video snatching the purse of an 80-year-old woman and pushing her to the ground.


Rogelio Belmonte was charged with capital murder in the dragging death of a Dallas woman. (credit: Dallas County Jail)

Dragging Suspect Blurts Out Apology During Sentencing

​A man who admitted to running over a 76-year-old woman in a Northeast Dallas Wal-Mart Parking Lot in March 2011 blurted out an apology on the second day of his sentencing phase Wednesday.


(credit: Sabah Arar/AFP/Getty Images)

Police Say Car Burglars Targeting Busy N. Texas Mothers

Police think a sophisticated gang of car burglars has set up shop in McKinney and is scoping out busy mothers. The thieves watch for busy mothers who may be shuttling kids inside or onto the playground — but leaving their purse in the vehicle.


Purse snatching, aggravated assault suspect Javier Duenas. (credit: Dallas Co. Sheriff’s Dept.)

1 Of 2 Suspects In Caught-On Tape Purse Snatching Captured

Dallas police say a Crime Stoppers tip received Tuesday night has led to the arrest one of two suspects in a purse-snatching incident caught in a widely viewed security video.



Violent Purse Snatching Suspects Identified

Detectives have issued aggravated robbery warrants for Javier Duenas and Thelma Delao after both were caught on surveillance video viciously attacking and robbing 25-year-old Adriana Ibarra.