Texas Researchers To Study Dangers/Benefits Of E-CigarettesA lot of people are asking if those trendy new e-cigarettes are safe? It’s one of the things researchers at a Texas university are trying to find out.
FDA Review Of Tobacco Products Grinds To A Halt Talk about a smoke break. Tobacco companies have introduced almost no new cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products in the U.S. in more than 18 months because the federal government has prevented them from doing so.
Put Down The Pack, The 37th Great American SmokeoutToday is the 37th Great American Smokeout -- the day when smokers are encouraged to make a plan to quit smoking.
FDA Panel: Dissolvable Tobacco Could Reduce RisksA FDA scientific advisory panel says dissolvable tobacco products could reduce health risks compared with smoking cigarettes but also have the potential to increase the overall number of tobacco users.
Cigarette Lawsuit Could Delay Bolder Label WarningsThe tobacco industry's latest legal challenge to increased government regulation may not hold up in court, but it could mean it will be years before cigarette packs carry pictures of a smoker's corpse or other graphic images.
Feds Propose Graphic Cigarette Warning LabelsCorpses, cancer patients and diseased lungs: These are some of the images the federal government plans for larger, graphic warning labels that will take up half of each cigarette package.