The Post-Game Funeral Wreath PrankHall of Famers Randy White and Roger Staubach recall how teammate Harvey Martin threw a funeral wreath into the Washington Redskins locker room following the Dallas Cowboys victory in the 1979 regular season finale.
Former Teammates Recall Playing With 'Hollywood'Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Randy White recall Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson's performance in the 1979 NFC Championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams.
Moment 37: White Celebrates As Cowboys RallyThe Dallas Cowboys spotted the New Orleans Saints a 21-point lead in 1984 before rallying to win the game in overtime. But the best part was Randy White's impromptu celebration.
White Recalls Celebration During Big Cowboys RallyThe best part of the Dallas Cowboys 21-point rally over the New Orleans Saints in 1984 was Randy White's celebration dance. Listen to what he had to say about that show of emotion.
Former Cowboys Players Recall Texas StadiumDrew Pearson, Roger Staubach, Randy White, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin talk about what made playing in Texas Stadium so special, and the legend behind the hole in the roof.
Moment 49: Chasing Opponents Down The FieldThe 49th greatest moment in Dallas Cowboys history isn't a single play, but a single mindset that was shared by a pair of Hall of Fame players -- Randy White and Larry Allen.
White Talks About His "Highlight Film" TackleRandy White talks about the 1984 game where he chased Philadelphia Eagles receiver Scott Fitzkee to prevent a touchdown.
Former Cowboys Players Join NFL LawsuitA group of former Dallas Cowboys joined with other retired NFL players to file the latest concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL.