Unhappy Moderate House Republicans Complicate 2018 For GOPVeteran Republicans are bailing on Congress in growing numbers, as GOP control of Washington fails to produce the unity or legislative successes party leaders wish for.
Trump Wants Democratic Support For Tax PitchPresident Donald Trump made an overt pitch for Democrats to support his tax overhaul plan, singling out a North Dakota Democratic senator whose vote would be prized by the White House.
Will There Be Political Fallout For Texas Republicans After DACA Decision?Several groups in North Texas gathered today to criticize President Donald Trump's decision to phase-out DACA
Young Democrats Upbeat About Their Party In Texas Despite ChallengesThe Young Democrats of America's national convention in Dallas has attracted 700 people from across the country.
Bill Further Limiting Abortion Providers Clears Texas SenateCities and counties within Texas would not be allowed to partner with abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood under a bill that was approved by the Republican-controlled state Senate.
Senate Rejects Proposal For 'Obamacare' RepealSeven Republicans joined all Democrats Wednesday in a 45-55 vote defeating the plan.
Abbott Has $41 Million For 2018, But No Major OpponentGov. Greg Abbott is starting his re-election bid with nearly $41 million on hand, giving the Republican a formidable head start on any potential challenger in 2018. But no Democratic opponent has emerged.
Straus Says He Didn't Want Suicide Over 'Bathroom Bill'Joe Straus, the Republican speaker of the Texas House, said that he did not want "the suicide of a single Texan on my hands" over a 'bathroom bill' targeting transgender people.
GOP Voters Blame Congress For Lack Of ProgressIn firm control of the federal government, President Trump and his Republican Party have so far failed to deliver on core campaign promises on health care, taxes and infrastructure.
Trump Upset States Not Fully Cooperating With Voting PanelPresident Donald Trump is upset that all states aren't fully cooperating with his voting commission's request for detailed information about every voter in the United States.
Ballgame Of Unity, Spirit, Friendly Rivalry, Won By DemsThursday night's Congressional baseball game in Washington D.C. served as a form of healing for U.S. lawmakers and the country.
Virginia Shooter's Facebook Page Includes Anti-Trump PostsHodgkinson's Facebook account includes anti-Trump posts and posts praising former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

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