Restaurant Review

Strip with signature carrot anf cheesy potatoes (credit: June Naylor)

Bob’s Steak & Chop: Best Place For Celebrations

Every time a new steakhouse opens, the natives and longtime denizens among us have to keep from rolling our eyes. Really? We need another steakhouse?


(credit: June Naylor)

Restaurant Review: Private/Social

The Dallas showcase for “Top Chef” darling Tiffany Derry, beloved for her approachable warmth, exhibits an almost overwhelmingly cool sleekness.


(credit: courtesy of Fuel City)

Review: Fuel City Tacos

If you’re already compiling a list of things to do in 2012, you must put eating a taco at Fuel City on there. Trust us, you need it.


(credit: Jose Ralat Maldonado)

Review: Lockhart Smokehouse’s Brisket Taco

The aroma saturating Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas is like the sweetest of dreams brought on by the coolest of pillows.


(credit: June Naylor)

Restaurant Review: Seasons 52

From the folks who brought us The Capital Grille comes a new ‘Fresh Grill’ concept. The only Texas location so far is in Plano.


Hungry Bear Smoked Ham Steak & Farm Egg Fritter  (credit: June Naylor)

Smoke: The Best Brunch In Dallas

We long for the day when brunch at Smoke was a secret. Now that the meal has been discovered, it’s hard getting in the door at this hangout.