RJ Choppy

RJ Choppy

Dropversation: RJ Choppy Pranked

Brendan works his magic again as he plays nothing but drops in a phone call to New School’s RJ Choppy, who thinks it’s Ben on the other line having a casual conversation.

105.3 The Fan–08/23/2013


The Other Team’s Playbook

What women think men notice instantly, and find out why Choppy is making that ridiculous face.

105.3 The Fan–08/20/2013

IMG_1172 Choppy smiles with his mouth open, just like a muppet

Sunday Dinner

Just days away from Sausage Fest and RJ sat at the dinner table with his Dad, Choppy Sr., to talk sausage, strippers and Slater … It’s time for “Sunday Dinner.


Philadelphia Phillies v New York Yankees

RJ Loosens His Rotator Like Mariano Rivera

RJ Choppy thinks he is Mariano Rivera — or at least thinks that he needs to stretch like he’s the greatest closer of all time.


IMG_1172 Choppy smiles with his mouth open, just like a muppet

Sunday Dinner With The Choppy’s

Gather around the table, enjoy some Italian food and sip on a glass of wine … It’s time for Sunday Dinner with RJ and his father, Ralph Choppy Sr.

105.3 The Fan–07/09/2013


RJ Tests His Softball Skills At UTA

RJ stepped in the batters box at the University of Texas at Arlington to take a few swings at some NCAA heat. How’d he do? Watch the video.



Choppy’s Head

Shan had to share this…Choppy’s head post-surgery


SeriousFun Children's Network Honors Liz Robbins With Celebrity Guests

RJ Choppy At The Jerry Seinfeld Show

RJ Choppy had the pleasure of attending the Jerry Seinfeld comedy show this weekend (thanks to comedian George Wallace).


(credit: AP Images)

RJ Choppy: “I’ll Eat A Sandwich From The Restroom Floor”

A vendor in Houston was recently fired for taking snow-cones into the restroom. RJ Choppy has no problem it … and he can prove it!!!

105.3 The Fan–05/24/2013

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Three

Did Tony Romo Give Up Golfing For Fatherhood?

Don’t expect to see Tony Romo roaming the fairways anytime soon. So why the change of golfing heart? RJ Choppy explains.

105.3 The Fan–05/07/2013

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills

Tim Tebow Released By The New York Jets

Tebowmania will no longer run wild on New York! The New Jets released Tim Tebow Monday morning after a long and illustrious 13 month career in The Big Apple. #sarcasm

105.3 The Fan–04/29/2013


So Pat Summerall And RJ Choppy Met At A Urinal…

As the sports world remembers Pat Summerall, who died Tuesday at the age of 82, RJ Choppy recalls the first time he met the legendary broadcaster — in a men’s restroom.

105.3 The Fan–04/17/2013