Burleson Woman's Viral Video Still InspiresBurleson resident Sarah Churman became famous last year after a viral video of her hearing sound for the first time. But how is Churman doing now?
Burleson's Sarah Churman Has Second Ear ActivatedSarah Churman’s raw, emotional reaction to her hearing implant being activated was attention grabbing by itself six months ago. Now it’s featured prominently at the beginning of “Kony 2012.” The exposure comes during another life-changing moment for Churman.
Burleson Mom Turned Internet Sensation Gets Second Ear ImplantSloane and Sarah Churman are finally facing a problem every other parent does, and they don’t mind at all. For four years they’ve had to encourage their daughter Olivia to speak up, due to Sarah’s hearing impairment. “Now we’re having to work on inside voice, inside voice,” Sloane said. “You don’t have to be near as loud.”