Sen. Ted Cruz To Visit Ukraine

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas will visit Ukraine this month and meet with leaders of the protest movement that forced out the country’s pro-Russian president


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Ted Cruz Sworn In As Texas’ New Senator

Texas’ new Senator Ted Cruz became the center of attention from Republicans and the Tea Party long before today’s swearing-in.

CBS 11–01/03/2013

Senator says Soldiers Vote In Danger

US Senator John Cornyn says the Justice Department may be giving out some bad advice


Senator Cornyn Voting No For Kagan

Senator John Cornyn has made up his mind about the latest nominee to the US Supreme Court. 


Where Texas Cities Rank In Patriotism

So what are the most patriotic cities in America. Men’s Health Magazine set to find out who they are and Texas apparently needs some help.


Senator Jane Nelson

State Senator Jane Nelson responds to a state judge upholding the truth in grades law.