Sexual slavery

(credit: AP/Andrew Medichini)

North Texas Sex Slave Survivor Steps Out Of Shadows For Interview

Sold for sex – it’s a crime happening behind more closed doors than you might think. And sex trafficking is becoming worse in Texas than almost anywhere else in the country.


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Sex Trafficking Ring Busted, 13 Women Saved

It took little more than a year for authorities to rescue 13 human trafficking victims in North Texas.


A group of sex workers walking down a street. (credit: Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images)

Child Sex Slave Rehab Program Could Be Model For North Texas

A sexual slavery rehabilitation program in Phoenix, Arizona is opening its doors to children forced into prostitution and it could soon be a model for a program in North Texas.


(credit: AP/Andrew Medichini)

Former Sex Slave Helping Find Helpless Girls

There is a massive undercover effort underway across North Texas to stop sex trafficking.


(credit: AP/Andrew Medichini)

Former Prostitute: Sex Trafficking ‘Hidden’ Epidemic In DFW

She was just 14 years old the first time she was sold for sex. “A lot of it comes from survival, what you might call survival sex,” said a former sex trafficking victim, who did not want to reveal her identity.