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Report: Unpaid Child Support In Texas Nearly $11B

Unpaid child support in Texas stands at nearly $11 billion and state officials say more parents are applying to have their obligations reduced. About 46 percent of parents in Dallas County obligated to pay child support are past due.


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College Planner Offers Advice To Get The Most Financial Aid

“They punish, they absolutely punish — the financial aid system — absolutely punishes single parents,” said Kevin Campbell of College Plannin Authority in Fort Worth.



Survey Says More Married Moms Feeling Like Single Parents

There’s hardly a mom who’s not feeling stressed out these days. They’re overwhelmed with work, home and parenting responsibilities. And because many of their husbands work long hours or travel a lot, they feel more like a ‘Married Single Mom.’


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1 In 4 Kids Raised In Single-Parent Homes

Take a look around and count the number of children you know who are being raised in single parent households.