Skin Wade


East Texas Sports Boys

Ben and Skin debut a new sports prank, with a Masters preview from a member of the Augusta Chronicle….except it’s the East Texas Sports Boys with Producer Chris Arnold.

105.3 The Fan–04/09/2014

Mudbug Bash 2014 (132)

Mudbug Bash Audio

The guys listen to some audio that was recorded during last Saturday’s Mudbug Bash

105.3 The Fan–03/31/2014

Halloween 2013 Walking Dead

Hollywood Shuffle: KT and Skin Fight

KT and Skin get into a fight about simple television ratings numbers between The Walking Dead and the Cowboys game.

105.3 The Fan–10/14/2013

Jeff 'Skin' Wade

Skin’s Power Rankings

Thursdays at 4 mean it’s time for Skin Wade’s Power Rankings, and this week Ronaldo Balkman, the Red River Shootout, and a blog post by KT make the list.

105.3 The Fan–10/10/2013

Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks

Week 4 NFL Picks With Mavs F Shawn Marion

Dallas Mavericks forward Shawn Marion joins Ben, Skin, and Tim Cowlishaw for their weekly NFL Picks.

105.3 The Fan–09/26/2013


105.3 The Fan Double Dare

The boys from New School join the Ben and Skin show for a fierce battle in 105.3 The Fan Double Dare!

105.3 The Fan–09/25/2013

A picture shows the Sphynx near the pyra

Sports Sphinx With Guest Jessie Holley

America’s most confusing game show THE SPORTS SPHINX is activated as Ben and Jessie Holley take on Brendan and Skin.

105.3 The Fan–09/18/2013

David Letterman

Cowboys Mystery Picture Showdown

KT prints out images of ten people including Ben Rogers, Skin Wade, Bob Barker, Nolan Ryan, Ron Washington, and Rick Carlisle, and asks Cowboys players to match a name to the face on the paper.

105.3 The Fan–08/27/2013

Jeff 'Skin' Wade

Skin’s Power Rankings

Skin’s Power Rankings-“On this edition of Skin’s Power Rankings, Skin spends a large amount of time talking about doo doo. That’s right, the biggest beast in college football, JaDeveon Clowney!”

105.3 The Fan–08/22/2013