'Get What You Get' With Tattoo Vending MachinePeople are lining up in Dallas to pay for a tattoo they do not get to see before buying.
Mom Sees Snake Slithering In Back Seat Next To ToddlerA Denton mother had quite the scare when she found a snake slithering in the back seat of her SUV next to her toddler.
Ranch Dressing On Pizza?After a local pizza chain gets headlines for a one thousand dollar charge on ranch dressing, Ben and Skin discuss their favorite condiments.
CBS 11 Steals & Deals: March 19This week's Steals & Deals will get you ready for swimsuit season.
Skin Selfie: Pre-Show Lunch UpdateSurviving in the frozen wasteland of New York, Ben & Skin headed out to grab some lunch and filed this 'foodie update' report. Enjoy the latest episode of Skin Selfie.
KT's Music Mouth Minefield!!
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Skin's Top 5 Girls Of The Small ScreenRecently my esteemed colleague, Dr. Ben G Rogers, Esq., broke down who he thought were the five hottest women on TV. He did a damn fine job if I do damn say so my damn self. Now it's my turn.
Skin's Power RankingsGeorge Selvie, David Price, and a disgusting Mike Bascik sandwich story dominate this week's edition of Skin Wade's Power Rankings.
NicknamesThe entire crew of the Ben and Skin show think about some new nicknames to give each other. Guess who's presented nickname is Crimson Fart?