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Sobriety Checkpoints

Police officers stop cars at roadblock (AP Photo)

Sobriety Checkpoint Debate Renews Ahead Of Session

Advocates for sobriety checkpoints in Texas are aiming to convince state lawmakers next year to crack down harder on drunk drivers.


Police officers stop cars at roadblock (AP Photo)

Texas Deputy Police Chief Wants DWI Checkpoints

A deputy police chief in South Texas has asked legislators to consider setting up permanent DWI checkpoints to save lives.


A woman walks the white line during a field sobriety test. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

State Lawmakers Consider Bill Allowing Sobriety Checkpoints

Whether you drink alcohol or not, you could soon find yourself stopped at a sobriety checkpoint. The Texas legislature is once again considering a bill to make them legal in the state.


Police officers stop cars at roadblock (AP Photo)

Sobriety Checkpoints Likely To Cause Legislative Divide, Again

A bill slated to be introduced to the Texas Legislature next year may crack down on drunken drivers, but some believe it will be at the cost of constitutional freedoms.