Texas Prison Agency Reviewing Feds Ban Of Execution DrugThe FDA is refusing to back down from its decision to block the Texas prison system from importing a drug that could be used for capital punishment.
FDA Agrees To Hear From Texas, Arizona On Seized Execution DrugsThe federal government has agreed to hear arguments from Texas and Arizona prison officials after agents seized drugs that both states were trying to import for use in executions.
Texas Readies Single-Drug Execution For Dallas Carjacker Convicted killer Yokamon Hearn once bragged how the carjacking murder that would send him to death row earned him a headline. Now he faces the notoriety of news stories proclaiming him the first Texas prisoner executed under a new single-drug procedure.
Drug Shortage Has State Switching To 1-Drug ExecutionTexas prison officials are changing the way they do executions due to a drug shortage.
Judge Blocks Importation Of Drug Used In ExecutionA federal judge has blocked the importation of a drug used in executions on grounds the Food and Drug Administration ignored the law by allowing it into this country.
New Drug Increases Texas Execution CostThe switch to a substitute drug to carry out executions is driving up the costs of carrying out capital punishment in Texas.
1st Texas Execution With New Drug Set For TuesdayA condemned Dallas man acknowledges the prospect of becoming the first Texas prisoner to be executed with a new drug is unsettling. Cary Kerr is set to die for the rape and slaying of a woman near Fort Worth 10 years ago.
U.S. Supreme Court Gives Reprieve To Fort Worth MurdererThe U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the first scheduled execution of a Texas death row inmate using pentobarbital. Cleve Foster was set to die for the 2002 slaying of a woman in Fort Worth.