A student writes during a school lesson on September 4, 2003. (credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

STAAR Won’t Impact Students’ Grades This Year

Texas high school students won’t have to worry about new standardized testing known as STAAR affecting their grades this year, thanks to a one-year wavier signed Friday by the state’s education chief.


Students take a test in a classroom. (credit: FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)

Lawmakers Back Delay Of STAAR Grade Requirements

The head of the Texas Senate Education Committee said she supports postponing requirements that new state standardized tests count toward 15 percent of high school students’ grades.


A third-grade student works on a paper. (credit: Getty Images/Larry W. Smith)

Parents & Officials Decry New Texas School Testing

Parents, school and business leaders expressed alarm about new, more-rigorous standardized testing for Texas schoolchildren.


Students take a test in a classroom. (credit: FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)

State Lawmakers Hold Hearing On New STAAR Test

Texas lawmakers are checking on the implementation of the new STAAR standardized test for public school children.


Students in pre-kindergartner class enjoy reading a book. (credit: Wendy Carlson/Getty Images)

Ratings Expected To Have Longer List Of ‘Poorly Performing Schools’

School districts in North Texas and across the state are bracing for an unusually long list of poorly performing schools, when the district accountability ratings come out in two days.


(credit: Texas Education Agency)

School Administrators Concerned With New STAAR Testing

There’s some concern by school administrators over the new STAAR tests that will be replacing the TAKS test this year. School officials worry with so many standardized exams much of students class time will be taken up with testing.