Super Bowl XLV

Daniel Garza watches as his son walks through snow and ice while visiting a Super Bowl XLV display on February 1, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. (credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Super Bowl 2012 Organizers Mindful Of Weather

Organizers of the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis aren’t wasting time figuring out what kind of weather they might have to deal with. Last month’s Super Bowl in Arlington included bitter cold, ice and snow.


Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Jones Shares In Blame For Super Bowl Seats

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has shared responsibility with the NFL for the Super Bowl seating fiasco at Cowboys Stadium.


Photo by Armen Williams, KRLD-FM

Armen’s Cousin Mike Is Back!

Cousin Mike from New York is back! This time he has an extreme opinion of how Super Bowl XLV went in Dallas.

105.3 The Fan–02/16/2011

Super Bowl 45 Pregame-152

More E-Mails Surface From City Over Stadium Problems

There is new information out about problems involving Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium.


A black sheet was placed over some temporary seats at the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011. (credit: Kent Chapline/KTVT/KTXA)

Super Bowl Lawsuit Plaintiffs Speak Out

Ken Laffin of Wausau, Wisc. Said he spent about $7,000 to watch Super Bowl 45 with friends at Cowboys Stadium.


Photo Credit: Armen Williams KRLD-FM

Denied Super Bowl Ticketholders File Class-Action Suit

While the NFL apologized to the fans who had to give up their Super Bowl seats and is offering concessions, it apparently isn’t enough. Wronged fans have filed a class-action lawsuit.


Cowboys Stadium at Night

Lancaster Teen Arrested For Super Bowl Bomb Threat

A Lancaster teenager is in jail after the FBI and police say he made a threat to blow up Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.


Super Bowl XLV

Aguilera Gets Another Chance After Fumbling Anthem

Christina Aguilera has been invited to sing a do-over. The Brooklyn Cyclones are offering her a chance to perform, after she botched one of the lines of the national anthem before Sunday’s Super Bowl game.


A black sheet was placed over some temporary seats at the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium on February 6, 2011. (credit: Kent Chapline/KTVT/KTXA)

NFL Knew About Seating Problems Last Week

The NFL knew last week there were problems with the installation of temporary Super Bowl seating sections.


Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Aguilara Butchers Our National Anthem

The Gang gives their critique of possibly the worst version of the National Anthem ever sung…and it happened at Super Bowl XLV.

105.3 The Fan–02/07/2011

Super Bowl XLV Preview

Arlington Fire Chief Talks Cowboys Stadium Issues

The Arlington Fire Chief is speaking out about the seat fiasco and ice and snow removal at Cowboys Stadium.


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Aaron Rodgers Named Super Bowl MVP

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of the Super Bowl, an honor his Packers predecessor Brett Favre never earned.