Post Super Bowl XLVI: The Morning After Leftovers How about some of the fun stuff? The Leftovers. Lots to be had after what was a great game, an elaborate halftime show and some fun commercials. (I DID pick the Giants, btw)
Super Bowl XLVI - Giants 21, Patriots 17: My Top 10 CBS ContemplationsNot sure who or what M.I.A. is, but he/she/it became infamous Sunday by upstaging Madonna and flipping the bird to 110 million viewers on NBC.
Drunk Jasmine Breaks Jeff's HeartTo add insult to injury New School's Jasmine called the show and got a little mean with Jeff.
Larry Fitzgerald Jr & Sr Join RAGE At Super Bowl XLVINFL'er Larry Fitzgerald joined RAGE on radio row at Super Bowl XLVI and had some interesting things to say about Dez Bryant.
DeMarco Murray Hits Radio Row At Super Bowl XLVIThe Dallas Cowboys didn't even come close to making it to the Super Bowl this year but Cowboys rookie stand-out DeMarco Murray did!
Boomer Checks In With New SchoolFormer NFL quarterback and current NFL Today host Boomer Esiason joins New School on radio row at Super Bowl XLVI.
Curt Schilling Reacts To Josh Hamilton News With New SchoolLegendary MLB pitcher Curt Schilling was on radio row Friday at Super Bowl XLVI and stopped to chat with New School and shared his views about the news of Josh Hamilton relapsing.
RJ Choppy Confronts Tim TebowNever one to be shy, New School's RJ Choppy was on the hunt when he heard Tim Tebow had invaded radio row at Super Bowl XLVI.
What's A Cable Guy Doing On Radio Row?Anyone could stop by radio row at theSuper Bowl could be a NFL legend, a cultural icon, a TV or movie star - but a cable guy?
NFL Network Anchor Rich Eisen With New SchoolWhen it comes to football he see it all and knows it all - NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen stops to chat with New School on radio row at Super Bowl XLVI.
Bill Romanowski Joins New SchoolNew School happened to hook one of the biggest and baddest of the NFL hitmen for an interview, legendary linebacker Bill Romanowski!
Cris Collinsworth On The Dallas CowboysFormer Bengals/NFL great and current sportscaster Cris Collinsworth joined Shannon Sharpe at the desk to chat with New School about the current state of the Dallas Cowboys.