Conservative Republican Voices Radio Ads Against Bathroom BillsIn one ad, Judge Mary Horn says she's a born-again Christian and a long-standing conservative Republican who "opposes these bathroom privacy bills."
Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Bathroom Privacy Bills FridayHundreds of people are expected to testify Friday morning at the Texas Capitol during a hearing about two newly proposed bathroom privacy bills.
Lt. Gov. Patrick Slams 'Bathroom Bill' StudyPatrick has decried the study before. But he called a news conference Monday to brand it "bogus" and "fear mongering."
Failed Exams No Longer Barrier To Texas High School DiplomaRepublican Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that would allow Texas high school students to fail two high-stakes exams and still graduate.
Lawmaker Drops Religious Freedom ProposalA legislator from Dallas has scrapped his proposal preventing the government from burdening a person's free exercise of religion after opposition from Texas businesses.
DISD Diploma Problems Prompt Call For Statewide InvestigationHundreds of Dallas ISD graduates have diplomas, but the Texas Education Agency is now reviewing an investigation that questions the validity of those diplomas.
Perry & Dewhurst To Address Business GroupGov. Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst are to address the Texas Association of Business as they continue pressing for spending some of the state's reserves.
Group Promotes New School Accountability PlanOne of the state's most influential business organizations is backing a flexible high school graduation plan it says will better prepare students for college and the workforce of tomorrow.
Higher Registration Fee Could Fund New RoadsThe Texas Association of Business believes that, if the state raises registration fees by $50 per vehicle, and dedicates that money to road projects, it would create an additional $16 billion.