Texas Brahmas

The puck drops on Game 4 of the CHL's Berry Conference finals at the NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills on April 20, 2012. (Ryan Crowe/CBSDFW)

Brahmas & Their Fans Skating Through The CHL Playoffs

Who says this isn’t a hockey town? The Texas Brahmas and their fans are certainly convinced it still is.


The Texas Brahmas during a game at the NYTEX Center. (Ryan Crowe/CBSDFW)

Texas Brahmas & Their Fans Ready For The Playoffs

On a balmy Tuesday night, the NYTEX Center in North Richland Hills is rocking as some of the loudest fans in North Texas are cheering on their beloved Texas Brahmas.


Texas Brahmas playing at the Fort Worth Convention Center (Stewart McKenzie/CBSDFW)

Brahmas Blanked In Return To Fort Worth

It was nearly 60 degrees outside. But, in downtown Fort Worth it was cold enough for ice hockey.



Brahmas Make A Comeback In Fort Worth

The Texas Brahmas are taking the team back to the Fort Worth Convention Center for games on Friday and Saturday.