Texas House

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Texas House Approves Bill Legalizing Low-Doses Of Marijuana

The Texas House gave final approval Tuesday to a limited medical marijuana bill that would give epilepsy patients access to trace amounts of cannabis oil.


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Texas House OKs Decriminalizing Truency

Bill imposes civil fines while mandating responsibilities for parents and school districts. Senate’s passed similar bill.


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House Approves Fireworks For Texas Independence

The measure approved Tuesday would allow counties to permit fireworks sales for Texas Independence Day on March 2 and San Jacinto Day celebrations April.


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Waste Of Time: Texas House Votes To Keep Daylight Savings

A Texas House push to exclude the state from observing daylight saving time has collapsed amid concerns that doing so would make residents choose between going to church and watching the Dallas Cowboys.


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Texas House OKs New Abortion Restrictions, Then Backtracks

The Texas House gave preliminary approval to tighter abortion restrictions involving fetuses with severe abnormalities before withdrawing a sweeping health bill that included the new limits.


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Texas House Approves Licensed Open Carry Of Handguns

Texas is closer to becoming the most populous state to allow licensed open carry of handguns after Republicans pushed through a key vote in the state House.


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Texas House Panel Votes To Raise Juvenile Criminal Age To 18

A proposal to change the state’s definition of who is considered an adult in the criminal justice system is on its way to the Texas House.


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Texas House Trying School Finance Fix Amid Court Fight

The Texas House is launching an ambitious attempt to fix the troubled way the state pays for public schools without waiting for the conclusion of a bitter, ongoing court battle.


Texas State Capitol

Texas House OKs Sweeping Border Security Bill

Plans to hire of hundreds of new troopers for the Texas-Mexico border is part of sweeping border security measures tentatively approved by the Texas House.


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TX Supreme Court Judge Issues Challenge To Lawmakers

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice asks lawmakers to approve legal funding for military veterans and says laws making it a criminal offense to skip school are not working.


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Texas House Passes Abortion Restrictions Bill

A controversial bill to restrict abortions has cleared its first hurdle during the second special session.


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Texas House Passes Abortion Bill

Texas House Passes Abortion Bill.