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TX Supreme Court Judge Issues Challenge To Lawmakers

Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice asks lawmakers to approve legal funding for military veterans and says laws making it a criminal offense to skip school are not working.


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State’s New Budget Gives Slight Increase For Public Education

Republican legislative leaders in Texas are calling for modest increases in spending for public schools and the overall budget for 2014-15.


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Expected Surplus Won’t Lessen 2013 Texas Budget Fight

Shortfall and sacrifice: that’s how the Texas Legislature two years ago defended gutting $5.4 billion from public education, laying off thousands of public workers with slashed spending and stripping Medicaid to the bone.


A woman takes a photo of the Texas Senate chamber during the 82nd Legislative session. (credit: Ben Sklar/Getty Images)

Budget Board Sets $77.9 Billion Limit On State

The Texas Legislative Budget Board has set a $77.9 billion cap on state spending in the 2014-15 budget year, a 10 percent increase.


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Poll: Education Most Important Issue Facing Texas

According to poll results released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Texas Lyceum group. more than one-fifth of Texans say education is the most important issue facing the state.


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Negotiators Approve $172 Billion State Budget… Now To Chambers

House and Senate negotiators have approved the Texas budget for the next two years, sending the plan to the full chambers for consideration.


A woman takes a photo of the Texas Senate chamber during the 82nd Legislative session. (credit: Ben Sklar/Getty Images)

State Lawmakers Wrap Up Budget Agreement, Weekend Vote Expected

The last pieces of the next two-year state budget is finally coming together, but funding it will still take some work. The budget conference committee should have the full budget deal approved by Thursday, setting up a weekend vote.


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Leaders: Agreement On $80.6 B Texas Budget Reached

Negotiators reached an agreement on a two-year $80.6 billion Texas state budget that makes billions in cuts and will likely result in massive state layoffs, legislative leaders announced Friday.


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National Budget Deal Would Free Up Money For Texas

A deal on the federal budget would remove the strings attached to $883 million in stimulus funds for Texas.


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Bill To Tap Rainy Day Fund Before Texas House

The Texas House is debating legislation that would make up for a $4 billion deficit in the current budget. The measure makes about $800 million in cuts and assumes the use of about $3.2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund.


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State Comptroller Raises Revenue Estimate $300 Million

Comptroller Susan Combs says the state will have an additional $300 million to spend in the next budget.


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College Cuts Could Be Hardest For New Students To Take

As currently proposed, the state budget won’t fund growth at state universities and Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Peredes says that’s a problem.