Survey: Budget Cuts Negatively Affecting Texas StudentsA new survey reveals education budget cuts are significantly affecting Texas students – negatively.
Budgets Cuts & Bigger Classes Taking Toll On Texas TeachersAs lawmakers worked to fix the state budget shortfall, one thing they decided was school districts should have flexibility in class sizes. The result - it's only the third week of school and already some teachers are worn out.
State House OKs Lower Pay & Furloughs For TeachersSchool districts will be able to pay public school teachers less and furlough them without pay beginning in 2012 under a bill passed by the House on Thursday.
State Teachers Group Backs Bill To Use Rainy Day FundMany Texas teachers are getting behind a legislative bill that could spare cuts in education funding.
GOP Claims State Bill Would Help Texas Schools Cut BudgetsRepublican House members on Thursday were pushing legislation they say will give relief to Texas schools buckling under a strapped state budget over protests from the very people they say the bill will protect.
New DISD Budget Overview Eliminates All Teacher LayoffsThe Dallas School Board has yet to move toward official teacher layoffs. And now comes a new budget overview that eliminates all layoffs for teachers.
DISD Reductions May Keep Teachers, But Crowd StudentsDallas school district leaders expect to see a $150 million budget gap. The expected deficit has driven the district to offer incentives for resignation, but the number of students isn't decreasing.
Dallas Teachers At Austin Educaton Cuts ProtestThousands of teachers are protesting at the state Capitol against proposed cuts to public education and that group includes a caravan of DISD teachers, administrators and community leaders.