Ken Foote's Summer Songs: Jim Croce And Bad Bad Leroy BrownThis week’s Summer Song comes from 1973 by an artist from South Philadelphia.
Ken Foote's Summer Songs: 'This Guy's In Love With You'Well, summer 2018’s official date is a few weeks away but for The Foote Files, it starts the week prior to the long weekend ahead.
The CBS Primetime Schedule From 1951This week's blog is not about the upcoming TV season, but about what the schedule was in 1951, which put CBS on the map and led the way to it being America's Most Watched Network.
The Foote Files: Being Friends With Marshmello & Anne-MarieThe title of this week’s blog might think that I am personal friends with these two musical artists, which of course is not true. But what is true is that they have a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and worldwide right now.
The Foote Files: Meet The CuckoosThe Cuckoos are an Austin, Texas-based rock band who are beginning to make a name for themselves in the garage/psych rock genre of music.
The Foote Files: The Original Show About Nothing: Burns And AllenGeorge Burns and Gracie Allen enjoyed one of the best entertainment careers imaginable: from vaudeville, motion pictures, network radio, and then network television.
The Foote Files: The Tradition Continues With Jeff GlorThis past week, it was announced that Jeff Glor, anchorman of the CBS Evening News, would now also anchor the weekday 4:00 p.m. CT CBS News Radio “On The Hour” newscast.
The Foote Files: Cobra Starship With Icona PopIn the summer of 2014, these two dance/pop groups collaborated on a really cool summer song.