Staff Of The Satire Website The Onion Has UnionizedWorkers at the website and its sisters, A.V. Club and ClickHole, will be represented in collective bargaining talks by the Writers Guild of America East.
The Onion's Bid To Create More Fake Campaign NewsIn a presidential campaign with fast-changing headlines that sometimes defy belief, The Onion has managed to maintain its niche by becoming more agile, just like real news organizations.
Viral Video: Predicting Miley's DownfallIn 2008, The Onion jokingly predicted that Miley Cyrus would be completely tapped out by 2013. Have we finally reached that point?
Lost In Translation: Kim Jong Un "Sexiest Man Alive?"Perhaps sarcasm is not so easy to detect on the other side of the globe. Trending online this week, satirical news site The Onion has claimed another international victim.