Troy Hughes

Halloween Candy with a Pumpkin

Troy Ate His Daughter’s Candy

Jimmy Kimmel has gotten parents to pull the ultimate Halloween trick, telling their children they ate all the Halloween candy. Troy decided to pull the evil prank on his 4 year-old daughter.


Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

Blog: Bullying Complaint Filed Against Aledo Is Clear Case Of Bad Parenting

I am also a father of three young children. I have already made great strides in self-education and awareness in order to combat all obstacles they may face and to teach them the good and bad side of humanity … which leads me back to the word ‘bullying’



Troy And His Son At Rangers Ballpark

On Monday night, Troy and his 7 year-old son, Hunter, watched with disappointment as the Rangers season came to an end at the hands (and bats) of the Tampa Bay Rays. Although the game was played a full 9 innings, Troy’s son was ready to leave after the 6th.



105.3 The Fan Double Dare

The boys from New School join the Ben and Skin show for a fierce battle in 105.3 The Fan Double Dare!

105.3 The Fan–09/25/2013


Troy Pranks The Overnight Board Op

With Troy out all next week on vacation, Johnathon Shipman will be running New School. Troy pulled Shipman into the production studio and shared with him the outrageous things Shan and RJ do during the show.

105.3 The Fan–08/16/2013

Texas A&M v Alabama

Dr. Phil Defends Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M homer Troy has defended “Johnny Football” since Day 1 … will he continue to after what Dr. Phil said about the Heisman Trophy winning QB?



Troy Goes To QuakeCon

Troy attended QuakeCon at the Hilton Anatole this past weekend and met a trio of “gamer geeks”…


(credit: Desiree Cotton Photography)

Troy Remembers Kidd Kraddick

On Monday morning, Troy, who served as Kidd Kraddick’s producer from 2001-2007, shared his memories and how Kidd changed his life.



VIDEO: Troy’s Daughter Is Born!

Her name is Harper Devyn Hughes…

105.3 The Fan–07/22/2013

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers

The End Of Houston Sucks?

After a long tenure of providing facts every Friday morning as to why Houston Sucks, Troy pulled the plug on the popular segment. However, Troy debuted a new segment just as informative to the Metroplex and … Dwight Howard?

105.3 The Fan–06/28/2013


Dez Bryant Finally Unblocks Shan And Troy On Twitter

After almost TWO FULL YEARS, Dez Bryant finally unblocked Shan and Troy on Twitter … and it’s all thanks to producer Roy White.

105.3 The Fan–06/12/2013

Big Tex as he appeared earlier this year (Kurt Moroski)

Troy Hughes – The New Voice Of Big Tex?

It’s always been a dream of Troy Hughes to be the voice of Big Tex. Did he get the gig?