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Study: More People Could Survive A Tsunami If They Walk Faster

About 5,500 more people could survive a major tsunami hitting the U.S. if they just walk a little faster to higher ground after roads are knocked out, a new study shows.


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Local Woman Living In Japan Deals With Quake Aftermath

Jessica Flemming is about 40 miles inland from Sendai where she was working when the earthquake hit just 80 miles away.


A car tire sits straight up in water over a land devastated by the tsunami in Sendai on March 13, 2011. (credit: Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images)

Arlington Woman’s Mother Survives Japanese Quake

Susan Morrison was born in Sendai. Her mother was single, with no job and no means to support a family. So when Morrison was three-years-old, the court gave her to an American couple. Morrison hasn’t heard from her since the earthquake.


A private plane washed inshore by the tsunami sits in water and debris next to cars outside Sendai Airport in Natori, Miyagi. (credit: Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images)

Daughter Of Fort Worth Woman In Japan Devastation

The news of a massive tsunami striking the coast of Japan hit Joan Greene, of Fort Worth, like a punch in the stomach. Her 27-year-old daughter, Jessica Fleming, was right in the middle of the devastation.


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SMU Student & Dean Impacted By Japanese Quake

A delegation from SMU’s Dedmen College is in Tokyo and had an unexpected experience, one of the most powerful earthquakes to ever hit the island nation of Japan.