A Little August in October
Warm is the Trend
Warm Up, Then Rain DownThere are rain chances coming to the North Texas weather forecast at the end of the work week.
Great Weekend Weather Continues
Wonderful Weekend, Some Wonderful Rain Next Week
Warm Weekend
All You Need To Know About 'Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse'Set an alarm reminder on your phone for the 'Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse' this SUNDAY evening.
Rain Chances This Weekend
Over 120 Days Of Flood Stage On Lake Grapevine
Wild Cycle Of Drought & Floods In North TexasYears of brutal drought, parched lawns, dried-up streams and low lake levels. Then, suddenly, drenching rains, rivers in spate, and deadly rushing, rising waters.
North Texas Heating Back UpSummer took a holiday over the weekend, but it is now over. The heat returns in full force on Monday and, by mid-week, DFW will be back to sticky, humid conditions.
Wonderful Weekend in Progress