Whooping Cranes

Whooping Crane in flight. (Photo: Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.)

US Supreme Court Won’t Hear Texas Whooping Crane Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to consider a ruling that found Texas was not directly responsible for the deaths of 23 endangered whooping cranes.


(credit: Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Whooping Cranes Survive Texas Drought

The endangered whooping cranes that spent the winter on the Gulf Coast have survived a historic drought, and their numbers have risen despite fears that they would not last.


(credit: TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)

Texas Drought Twists Migrations For Many Birds

Strange things are aloft in the bird world. Throughout the winter, scientists have noticed examples of bizarre bird migrations.


(credit: Texas Parks & Wildlife)

Texas Drought Threatens Only Surviving Whooping Cranes

Raising its slim, white neck out of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, one of the world’s last surviving whooping cranes hungrily searches a Texas marsh for the blue crabs and berries it devours during its annual migration to the Gulf Coast.