Col. Paul Green, Member Of Tuskegee Airmen, Dies At 91Col. Paul L. Green, one of the Tuskegee Airmen — the legendary black pilots who escorted U.S. aircraft during World War II — has died in a senior care home.
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Profiles Of Courage: Samuell RowlettVeteran Samuell Rowlett made a promise with God in the middle of World War II. Sixty years later, he's keeping that promise.
Profiles Of Courage: Joseph TureckyLt. Col. Joseph Turecky say he would have gone down with his plane if he had to. But thankfully, it's a choice he never had to make during World War II.
Dallas Artist Discusses Sketches Captured On A Battlefield A North Dallas WWII veteran captured the images of that war with little more than a pencil and pieces of paper.
World War II Veteran Brothers Buried Side By SideIn life, and in death, two brothers who served together in World War Two, were one.