A nurse performs a mammogram on a patient. (credit: Mychele Daniau/AFP/Getty Images)

Study Disputes Value Of Routine Mammograms

A Canadian study that many experts say has major flaws has revived debate about the value of mammograms.


A woman smokes a cigarette. (credit: Alexander Heimann/Getty Images)

Panel Backs Lung Cancer Screening For Some Smokers

For the first time, government advisers are recommending screening for lung cancer, saying certain current and former heavy smokers should get annual scans to cut their chances of dying of the disease.



Radioactive Tissue Holders Pulled From Stores In Texas

Metal tissue holders contaminated with low levels of radioactive material may have been distributed to Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in more than 20 states including Texas, federal regulators said Thursday.


A view of a close up of a lung x-ray of a cigarette smoker. (credit: American Cancer Society via Getty Images)

Study: Lung Cancer X-Ray Screenings Have No Benefit

Routine chest X-rays do not prevent lung cancer deaths, not even in smokers or former smokers, according to a big government study challenging a once common type of screening.


A woman receives a mammogram screening. (credit: Getty Images/D. Clarke Evans/NBAE)

Study: Half Of Women Over 40 Get Mammograms

Remember the uproar last year when a task force said most women don’t need annual mammograms? It turns out only half of women over 40 had been getting them that often to start.


A high-speed Cat Scan sits empty.

Study: CT Scans Modestly Cut Lung Cancer Deaths

A special type of CT scan can detect lung cancer early enough to save some lives, the National Cancer Institute announced Thursday.