Tale of the Tape: Football vs Futbol

  • Team Names / Mascots
    Football teams have a pretty simple say of deciding names, usually tied to an industry in the city, some type of local animal, or an assumed theme of what kind of 'character' might live in the area.
    Usually involves some type of dragon or mythical beast, a beer or union.
  • The BIG Game
    Super Bowl: A playoff system that leads to one final game - possibly held at a city that could be in New Jersey?
    World Cup - a playoff system that happens in one country and a final winner with an international audience.
  • Final Score
    After spending all that time on the field there has to be a clear winner. No games should ever end in a tie!
    90 minutes and the score can be 0-1? or even 0-0?
  • Fans
    Football fans can range from beer swilling, costume wearing nut-jobs to wine and cheese lovers who sit on their hands through the entire game
    Soccer fans are almost always on their feet, moving, possibly drunk and always making noise.
  • Injuries / Badassness
    Football players used to be badass; playing with broken fingers, bruised and bloody. Now they hit the locker room if they get a hangnail. But football players on average are solid and mean.
    If the NBA ever wants to learn the finer points of 'flopping' just watch a soccer match. These pansies will hit the ground screaming and crying if you look at them wrong.