Best Bars At DFW Airport

November 8, 2012 2:00 PM

Photo by DMITRY KOSTYUKOV/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by DMITRY KOSTYUKOV/AFP/Getty Images

The airport is never anyone’s favorite place. It’s even worse when you have a major layover or a delayed flight. DFW Airport promises libations aplenty if you need a little something extra before your flight. Though you may find food and drinks in all of the terminals at DFW Airport, there’s one that stands out above all others. Without a doubt Terminal D is the place to go to wait it out. From steakhouses to good, old-fashioned pub food, here’s a list of bars and restaurants perfect for your next trip.

Cool River Café
Terminal D – Gate 25
3200 E. Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX 75261
(972) 973-8888

A warm and elegant atmosphere awaits you at Cool River Cafe. Cool River offers fantastic steaks and seafood with a nice Southwestern flare. If you’re looking to be pampered while you wait for your flight, this is the place. With an extensive bar and selection of world-renowned wines, you have unlimited options to accompany its exquisite menu, which includes items such as delicious grilled salmon and even prime rib quesadillas.

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Reata Grill
Terminal D, Gate D33
3200 E. Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX 75261
(214) 740-0024

When looking for a place to get a drink or something to eat, don’t forget the Mezzanine level of terminal D. Destination dining at its best, Reata Grill is known for its legendary cuisine. With a gourmet twist to Mexican food, you’ll get the highest-quality ingredients combined with time-honored techniques for an experience that many have deemed the best in airport food. Definitely give the tortilla soup and margaritas a try.

La Bodega Winery
Terminal A, Gate A15
3200 E. Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX 75261
(972) 973-9463

Though it’s not in Terminal D, La Bodega Winery is worth the walk as it offers such a great way to taste a few new wines in three- and six-ounce pours. Of course, if you want more you may always order a glass or bottle. Add a nice cheese tray or some hummus, and you’ve got an elegant way to pass the time free from the rest of the buzzing airport.

Tigin Irish Pub
Terminal D, Gate D20
3200 E. Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX 75261
(972) 973-4228

If you want a real place to unwind there’s none better than a traditional Irish pub. Surprisingly, there’s one right in DFW airport. Whether you’re looking for traditional Irish foods such as shepherd’s pie, corned beef and cabbage, and fish and chips, or modern fare with an Irish twist – try Guinness barbecue wings – Tigin’s is the place for you. Have a pint of Guinness or a sip of Irish whiskey, and catch an English Premier League game on the weekends.

M Lounge
Terminal D (outside security)
2337 S. International Parkway
Dallas, TX 75261
(972) 973-1234

Connected to the Grand Hyatt, the M Lounge is the place to go to relax after a meeting or a long flight. Have your favorite cocktail, wine, microbrew or domestic beer alongside delicious sushi with M Lounge’s delicious sushi bar.This is a more upscale venue for those business-meeting flights that probably shouldn’t include Irish car bombs at Tigin’s.

Terminal E, Gate E12
3200 E. Airfield Drive
Dallas, TX 75261
(972) 574-0744

While the food may not be something to write home about, the drinks more than make up for it. Nice, strong margaritas, bloody Marys and several top-shelf tequilas to sip on make this a good place for a drink between flights. You can even get a follow up shot of tequila for $2 if you order it with your beer. With a nice breakfast menu to as well, Tequileria is a good choice if you’re stuck in terminal E.

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