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Best Barbecue In Fort Worth

April 12, 2011 12:47 AM

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There are nearly as many styles of barbecue as there are opinions about it. In Texas, we know regardless of what you put on it, all barbecue starts with low heat and wood smoke.

Angelo’s Bar-B-Que

2533 White Settlement Road
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 332-0357

Angelo’s is an old-fashioned Texas barbecue joint in the best sense. It’s in an unassuming building with a wood-paneled exterior. Inside, the walls are covered with stuffed and mounted animal heads. Everything on the menu is great. But like any self-respecting Texas barbecue joint, the brisket is the specialty. The tender, smoky pork ribs are succulent. And you can wash everything down with what they advertise as “the coldest beer in town!”

Railhead Smokehouse

2900 Montgomery
Fort Worth
(817) 738-9808

Railhead is a youngster compared to Angelo’s—it’s only been around for 20 years. But in that “short” time, the pitmaster has been turning out fantastic smoked meats. The brisket is outstanding and the chicken is done well. The Chop Beef Sandwich is a favorite all day long and can’t get away without an order of french fries topped with caramelized onions.

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

301 Stockyards Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76164
(817) 626-6464

Cooper’s is fairly new to Fort Worth, but the original Llano location is one of the stalwarts of Texas barbecue. Their specialty is the “big chop,” a mesquite-smoked pork chop. They also sell most every other kind of meat you can smoke, including the hard-to-find cabrito (look it up). Customers rave about the Jalapeno Sausage.

Cousin’s Barbecue

6262 McCart Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76133
(817) 346-2511

No offense to anyone, but we generally steer clear of barbecue chains. We prefer one-of-a kind places. Cousin’s is a Tarrant County chain with six locations. And two of them are inside DFW Airport. That just doesn’t seem right. We’re willing to give Cousin’s a pass, though, because it’s so good. Areas where they excel – the chopped beef sandwich and loaded (with brisket) baked potato.

Sammie’s Bar-B-Q

3801 E. Belknap
Fort Worth, TX 76111
(817) 834-1822

Sammie’s is another old-time place in Fort Worth. They opened in 1946 and have been serving up the smoke ever since. We’re partial to the sausage, but the chicken is tender and moist and fans rave about the Pork Plate and thin, vinegary sauce.

 Best Barbecue In Fort Worth


Casstevens Cash & Carry

5209 F.M. 2738
Lillian, TX 76061
(817) 790-2545

Lillian is the kind of town that you can blink and miss. It’s a tiny unincorporated burg just southwest of Mansfield. But the barbecue that comes out of this wide spot in the road is something special. Casstevens is actually a Diamond Shamrock gas station in “downtown” Lillian, and they serve their meats from a counter inside. Ribs are the house specialty, but they’re only available on Fridays. And the brisket is excellent–moist and smoky, with just enough fat and a nice smoke ring. Notice the smoker out front when you pull in. It’s chained to the gas station’s 50-foot-tall sign in the parking lot, right alongside the road.

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  • Michael

    You guys really messed the list up not putting Shady Oak BBQ on here. It’s at 35W and Western Center. They’re a little up scale for BBQ but it is no doubt the best meat in the dfw area.

    • texas

      coopers? really, not bad but not the best, #1 in price maybe….exactly what i was thinking, must have never been to shady. i’ve been to all of those places and none are as good as shady. on top of the food, the atmosphere makes it a hands down #1.

    • Bill Miller

      Really, electric smoked BBQ, and you thinks it’s good. You need to return your Texan card…
      I had never been to Sammies until 2 weeks ago and I cannot wait to get back!

      We used to drive to Llano to eat at Coopers, the Northside location is sad in comparison AND everyone is right; from the prices you would think it was next to Billy Bob’s Tourist trap.

      • jacksonk

        you’re on crack. butt crack.

    • C Bauer

      Shady Oak?!? LOL. Now THAT’S hilarious.

      • jackson

        didn’t they go out of bidness? they were started by the Spring Creek BBQ guy. Why?

  • james

    why are they all in Ft. Worth?

    nothing in Dallas or Plano?

    • DFWMom

      Duh, the title of the article is “Best Barbecue In Fort Worth.”

    • JR

      They would have to change the title to “Best of Dallas or Plano”. I’m just guessing though.

    • C B

      Because the list is titled, “Best Barbecue In Fort Worth”, genius.

    • Bill Miller

      Good BBQ, IN PLANO? ROFLOL for days!

    • jackson

      Sonny Bryan’s rules in Dallas. Plano has plain o’ bbq.

    • carl

      They just have “Plan-o” BBQ in Plano… ;<)

  • Coretta jackson

    M-M-M-M-M Good…

  • Mr. Joeboto

    James, the title of the story is “Best Barbecue in Fort Worth.”

  • Henry Greene

    I agree with Mr. Joeboto….which one is the best? I eat at the Cousin’s in Crowley and have known the owners for years. That is some gooood eating there in Crowley.

  • Dan

    I have been to some of the places mentioned and they ALL pale in comparison to Sean’s in Decatur, Texas. They cook their own sauce and hand make all the sides. Nothing from a carton or mass produced food.

  • Bill

    North Main BBQ in Euless, TX …. I need not say more ….

    • jackson

      the voice of reason has spoken! I concur, doctor.

  • jg

    you guys need to try Hickory stick in Forest Hill, off forest hill dr. and aglin. better then cousins

    • Mike Key

      you are right on. I eat there at least once a week

  • Michael Hester

    Jackpot —

    You need to visit Woody Cree over by Ridgemar Mall! They will rival Railhead and put Angelos to shame!

  • Daniel

    Cousin’s is the BEST!!!

  • Stoshio

    Anybody ever been to Wright’s BBQ in Mexia, Texas?

    • jackson

      not since Anna Nicole went tits up.

    • Clif

      I live near Mexia and that place is not that good. Hyden’s in Teague and Kirby’s in Mexia are better than Wrights. My favorite BBQ by far is Coopers in Llano.

  • Old Texan

    Angelos, again? I eat there every 20 years or so to see if it has improved any. It hasn’t. Maybe I only go on “off” days. I started before they moved to White Settlement Road.

    • Bill Miller

      Agreed, for sure. But they are socially connected to cowtown.

    • Bigmike

      quote:the walls are covered with stuffed and mounted animal heads.
      Just what my Wife wants to see while eating some bbq, poor dead animal heads on the wall.

    • Mike K

      DO they take credit cards yet???????

      • Jamee

        Yes they do, I was there earlier this month and didn’t have a problem.

    • jackson

      I concur, doctor. Angelo’s has got to be the worst in the town of the cow.

  • smokingbar1

    This outpost …2 mile out of Azle going toward Springtown. Have been for 30 years. Family own. The best BBQ in the west side of fort worth

  • Doc

    Wow didn’t know all these other towns was in Fort Worth. Cooper’s–You definitly need a bank loan to eat there

    • jackson

      Cooper’s is cheeeeeeeaaaaap! Better than Cooper’s is David’s in Arlington on
      W. Park Row. Great nephew to Red Bryan. Good food, good prices.

  • BBQman

    Angelo’s, euu, dump.

  • B Ware

    Need to try Lees BBQ in Haslet, best BBQ in town.

  • Shark55

    If you ever find yourself in Robstown eat at Cottons

    • biz

      OMG, you are so right, when I traveled to South Texas to visit family we went there for special events, so good!!!! I knew exactly what you were saying when I saw the name, hahaha!!!

      As to comments about Shady Oaks BBQ, yeah it’s okay and the service and atomsphere is wonderful, it’s the same place as Spring Creek, owned by the same chain, given a different name because of the building.

    • squeakysue

      Cotton’s burned.Not sure if has reopened or not.

  • Minnie

    Bartley’s BBQ in
    Grapevine Texas yummy

  • James

    How is Risckys BBQ not on the list???

    • dj

      because they are a nasty chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jackson

      yeah, where else can you get 5 chopped beef sandwiches for $5 from yesterday’s leftover bbq?

  • Kevin E Wright

    Surely I’m not the first person to mention Hard Eight. It’s the BOMB!

    • jackson

      damn good french fries! that’s a fact jack. cute girls abound.

  • DON B.


  • Mark

    LoneStar BBQ on N Beach just South of Western Center..

  • L.J.S.

    How about COLTER’S BBQ on Little Road, in Arlington!!?? Their baby back ribs are the BEST, and frankly, they’re way more affordable that all these others, except for maybe Risky’s. (Love Risky’s chopped beef sandwiches!)

    • jackson

      Colter’s? Really? I got food poisoning there. Haven’t been back. Good french fries though. How about Coker’s in Pantego. Great bbq, great french fries, but watch out for the fuzz. It’s a Class A speed trap.

  • Mary F

    love me some Risky’s – great prices – great food – great memories – my favorite for years ! :)

  • BarqAzle

    The Best Bar-Q close to fort worth is place on hwy 199 just outside of Azle, Its use to be old red shack until burn down. It’s call The Outpost. You have to pay cash.. great prices the amount of food you get. It beat out Colter , Rishky , Angelo, Spring Creek, Smoke Pit, Shady Oak hand down. I should know i cook Bar-q all the time. Just 2 mile out of Azle going toward Springtown. Have been for 30 years. Family own. The best BBQ in the west side of fort worth

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