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Best Mexican Food In Dallas / Fort Worth

May 5, 2011 10:30 AM

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Every Mexican restaurant is a little different. Each offers its own variations of the classics – tacos, enchiladas, margaritas, and even salsas. Lovers of south of the border cuisine will want to check out these favorite North Mexican restaurants.

Joe T. Garcia’s

2201 N. Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76164
(817) 626-4356

The scenery and atmosphere are great at Joe T’s. Enchiladas or Fajitas – those are your only options. The food, served buffet style, isn’t the reason most folks make the trip to this Fort Worth original. While some folks rave about the refried beans, most everyone agrees the fantastic ‘Texas’ atmosphere, great patio and tasty margaritas are the main reasons that Joe T’s belongs on the ‘tops’ list.

Los Vaqueros

2629 North Main
Fort Worth, TX 76164
(817) 624-1511

This place has a lot of charm. It’s a family owned restaurant with really authentic food. Enchiladas come with a taco and are served perfectly.  Folks rave about the sour cream chicken enchiladas and avocado chicken salad. In addition tot he food, diners are entertained by a small music group that will perform at your table. Good times are had by all!


5301 Alpha Road, Suite 80
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 233-5656

Maximo site across from the Galleria in Dallas and the place takes ‘creative’ to new heights. Meals start with three very  different and delicious salsas. The Pescado Rojo, a dish with red snapper, shrimp and Veracruz sauce, doesn’t disappoint. The Mexican Lasagna is a delicious layering of pulled chicken, tortillas, onions, mango and chorizo. And just FYI, the restaurant serves an award winning, literally, margarita –  try the Maximo Heat for a bit of  jalapeno kick.

Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano

4912 Cole Avenue
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 521-4211

While Javier’s offers more traditional Mexican food, the Uptown location is a great place to people watch. But you have to eat so, cough up the nearly $30 and get the Filete Cantinflas. The tenderloin is sliced, stuffed with cheese and butter and topped with a chile mulatto sauce. The ceviche is fresh and marinated perfectly. The Cordorniz a la Talla (charbroiled quail), marinated in a chili ancho and garlic sauce, is fantastic. Before leaving, head to the cigar room to wrap up the experience.

El Paisa

2801 Harwood Road
Bedford, TX 76021
(817) 481-1111
3125 Ira E. Woods Avenue
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 481-1115

Expect chips served hot with homemade salsa. The Steak Fajita Torta Dinner is a belly buster and taste pleaser. Tacos are great at this authentic restaurant and there are raves bout the tacos and caldo de res (beef soup). And any item served with their roasted pork is a winner. Both locations also serve breakfast and a large, flavorful breakfast burrito runs less than $3! While the prices are more than affordable, don’t come with plastic, El Paisa only takes cash.

Fuel City Tacos

801 S. Industrial Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 426-0011

Okay, yes the name is Fuel City and rightfully so since the taco ‘stand’ is inside a gas station.The tacos are small but darn tasty. The Picadillo with ground beef, potatoes and onions is fantastic. The barbacoa taco, with steamed roast beef, is dripping with juice and a crowd pleaser. Wrap up the meal by stopping by the corn stand where a lady will serve you corn, sour cream, hot sauce and cheese in a cup! Yes you should eat this on the way to the cardiologist, but who cares!

La Familia

841 Foch St
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 870-2002

The fajitas are fantastic and offered two different ways – regular or spicy. Every entree is severed with homemade bean or chicken soup. Surprisingly, there are no pork selections on the menu, but pork fajita tacos are offered regularly as the special. Expect delicious chicken enchiladas. Don’t reach for a salt shaker if you see flames at the next table, someone is just being served their frozen margarita – which is served on fire, naturally!

Desperados Mexican Restaurant

4818 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 363-1850

This is Texas and the folks at Desperado have taken the love of brisket and created a near perfect taco. The Desperado Taco is creative and fantastic. The taco consists of a soft fried tortilla filled with fajita meat, cheese, pico de gallo and a slice of avocado. The Pollo San Lorenzo (chicken sauteed in olive oil with garlic and cilantro) is great. On the the weekend breakfast is served from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Los Molcajetes Mexican Restaurant

4320 Western Center Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76137
(817) 306-9000

The Monterey Chicken was grilled perfectly, moist, and covered with cheese, caramelized onions and peppers. Fantastic! The Los Molcajetes Especial is a fan favorite for a reason. Your plate comes with beef or chicken fajitas, shrimp and a grilled quail. Don’t leave without trying the sopapillas that come covered with caramel, whipped creme, cinnamon and sugar.

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  • Tom

    While you are right to list Joe T’s first, because it really is the best in many ways, your raters don’t seem to be eating the right foods to make their choices! A mexican food restaurant should always be rated based on it’s chees and onion enchiladas and it’s pork tamales. Also the chili con carne should also be sampled. If they can get these right, they can probably do anything else well! If the restaurant serves California, Arizona or New Mexico style food, they probably should not be rated on chili con carne, if they even serve any, but the enchiladas and tamales are still the best overall test, at least in my opinion, and this is an area of my expertise!

    • Sick of Tex Mex being called Mexican

      Joe T’s is the best for atmosphere. That’s it. GREAT patio, great servers, great mariachi. However, the food is average Tex Mex you can get anywhere from Papasito’s to Esparza’s. Outstanding Mexican or Tex Mex is Mi Familia, Burritos Locos, Fogata, etc.

      • Sick of Tex Mex being called Mexican

        Ooops. I meant LA Familia

    • jackson

      Joe T’s is nothing more than an over hyped watering hole for margarita lovers. The food is marginal. It’s too damned crowded. They ought to valet park. The place is a dump. Lots of cute waitresses though. I would imagine in the summer you could drop 10-15# waiting in the heat to get to a table. Good luck.

      • Frederick Larrabee

        Cute waitresses? You must be into skanks.

  • Heino

    Some of these are more Tex-Mex, but others are really authentic. Javier’s is a great pick. However, for really authentic Mexican food, and I’m talking the good ol’ peasant stuff (always the best kind), it’s hands-down Burritos Locos in Grapevine. Get the lengua taco or tripa taco. Oh yeah!

    • Colby

      I agree, but one that is more on the Tex-Mex side but INSANELY GOOD is La Familia on Fochs in Fort Worth. Great food, and everyone coming through the door gets a hearty handshake from the proprietor.

    • jackson

      Yeah baby! Tongue tacos. That’s the rason we’ve climbed to the top of the food chain. Pass.

      • Frederick Larrabee

        You’re a moron and a culinary bore if you’ve never experienced the “throw away” cuts of meat.

    • joe

      Thank You!!!!!!! From El Paso Tx. and am desperately craving some real Mexican food!! A place that has lengua and tripitas sounds like home.

  • anna

    ..taste the cheese first….is it the best cheese ever….then, its a good restaurant.

  • Tom

    Maybe it’s time that your raters visit some of the suburban areas for good mexican food. There are many great places in northest Tarrant County, included are Oscar’s in Haltom City and Frijoles in North Richland Hills. We also have the chains, El Chico, Mexican Inn and Chuey’s for example that serve above-average fare. They may not be as great as Joe T’s, but they are a good short-drive alternative! There’s lots of good mexican fare in the mid-cities area.

  • CW

    Desperados has the best beef fajitas and Desperado Tacos ever. The food is always wonderful, but what makes it great in my mind…it’s family owned and you can depend on one of the sons, Jake, stopping by your table.

    Watch for their float in the Greenville Ave. St Patrick’s Parade. If you are lucky, you might get a shot of Tequila.

  • BornFreeAmerican

    Casa Milagro in Richardson is the best! Best margs, best fajitas, and the Cobbo Milagro salad is the best salad I have ever had!!

  • mark

    To me its all about the guacamole

  • Barbara Cvetko Chapman

    So great to see Los Molcajetes on your list! All of the Chavez family restaurants are terrific, including Mi Pueblo and Don Taco. Yum

  • mvs

    What about El Rachero Martinez?? Matt’s has the best Chili Relleno anywhere in TEXAS!

  • JDL

    Want to eat darn good mexican food then go to Coquitas in Dallas on Spring Valley Road, or Taqueria El Fuego in Richardson.

  • BigDoggZ

    Wow peeps don’t realize what good Mexican food is… Dos Molina’s 404 nw 25th st , Arizola’s in lake worth ,Tino’s off 35 and seminary….use to be the best ever was Los Alamos on main street in north fort worth. I always go by the red hot sauce to test the best places for mexican food.

  • Stacey


    Bedford, Texas – the food taste like home made Mexican food and the Margarita’s are great too!

  • chwingnut

    What about some of the little Mexican roach coaches floating around. I have had some of the best tamales and fajitas ever by finding the right one.

  • Sonia

    Some of these restaurants don’t allow you to enjoy the food! Your are taking a seat and you already have the dinner on the table….and the bill…..Too fast service.

  • mulligan69

    From a business perspective, Joe T’s is genius. From all other aspects Joe T’s is a joke. I suppose if you are from North Dakota you’d find the food good – but in reality the food is terrible. Ordered the fajitas last time and they came out cold, no sizzle at all. They also came w/out cheese, had to order that extra – for a charge of course. The lines are ridiculously long and they do not accept credit cards……… Save your tme and money and head a few blocks on main – try El Asadero. That place is incredible with the best salsa in town.

    • Frederick Larrabee

      Want to talk fajitas? I love Mexican food (REAL Mexican, not Tex-Mex). However, I hate fajitas – a fajita is Mexican food for people who don’t like Mexican food. HOWEVER, the fajitas at Pappasito’s are an exception. They marinate the beef in a blend of various liquids, being especially heavy on the pineapple juice, so the muscle fibers are broken down nice and soft. PERFECT beef, cooked medium rare to medium. Awesome fajitas. Their chips are freshly fried as well, and they make the tortillas there, too. Not a bad Tex-Mex joint for being a mega-chain.

      • Rena

        Holy coincse data batman. Lol!

  • alwayshungry

    No mention of Uncle Julio’s? Great shrimp fajitas.

  • Debbie

    I love Los Molcajetes! They undoubtedly have the BEST sopapillas ever!!

  • rickey

    sounds good

  • Cheryl

    Maybe there should be a category for “best hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican restaurant” because I can think of a couple dumps that are EXCELLENT, i.e. the Mexican grocery store on Forest just west of Webb Chapel has the best tacos ever, also La Palmoma Taqueria has awesome tacos… open face tacos, the authentic ones.

  • Cactus

    Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, tahkns!

  • Baba Babson Gambo Agwams

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